About Us

Sare Jahan Se Acha started with one objective. Can the negativity around us, be changed to positivity? Can the complaints around us be replaced by inspiration? N Raja is a firm believer in goodness. And he took the baton in his hand to head-start this journey.
This journey is about a change in perspective, about recording that perspective so that others will know, about passing on the goodness you were once touched with, while inspiring yourself and others to be the ambassadors of this goodness.
We’re focusing on our country’s martyrs who lost their lives to protect us, by making a promising change in the lives of their families. And also by sharing their stories of will, strength and unwavering love for their country. At the same time, we believe, every person doing his bit to make a positive difference to the society equally deserves to be applauded.
Everyone who knows, or has experienced one such story is requested to write the same (write to us at stories@sarejahanseacha.in), and let many more people know about it.
We’re also working hard on innovating solutions for a Spit Free India to avoid uncalled for health hazards. Another area of action is to help wandering off Dementia patients so that they may not suffer the agony of separating from their loved ones.
Let’s spread goodness. And some day, when you won’t be expecting it, the goodness will come back to you. To see you smile.