It’s all about Goodness. 

A smile to a stranger, hand extended to a blind man crossing the road, make way for the ambulance or a prayer for the soldier fighting for our safety… Goodness is a simple word that has the power to make the world a beautiful place…

Amidst the world of big bad news, the goodness stories get sidelined. But we must remember, positivity inspires positivity. When you’re in tough times, all you expect is one good human being to give you that assurance of getting back. And when you do it yourself, it is sure to return.

At Sare Jahan Se Acha, it’s a circle of goodness we want to create. We’re intending to do that by spreading these small and big goodness stories to inspire everyone else to do the same. Right from stories in the Defence sector to everyday lives.

And when goodness will attain its power, the effect will not be anything less than better human beings, better society and a better country. A country better than the entire world.  And that means Sare Jahan Se Acha.

Let’s join hands and hearts to spread goodness.